It’s a bad hair day for me, maybe I need a shave. #manicmonday

This is ME!

I don’t believe in "First impressions, lasts".Sorry but I find it stupid.

Those who don’t know me personally or let say not my real friends or just an acquaintance used to call me "Mr Masungit"or "Plado Suplado. But who cares? I don’t even care, Cause i know myself & I also know that once you get to know the deep side of me, you’ll find it different. My long time and closest friends used to call me a lot of funny a.k.a’s, like "bungisngis""Mr. Matakaw""MASA - (masandal tulog)And a lot of funny names, hahaha which I find sweet by the way. It makes me feel that they really know me and feel comfortable with me. Oh, I almost forgot, they also used to call me "Monmonthebully".

Yes I’m a bully. I’m a bully kid. I bully all my closest friends, up to the point that they were pissed and feel like wants to punch me right straight in my face. But no! They wont do that, they know me, they know a lot. Me being bully is part of let say "lambing" for them. I’m a self proclaimed smart lovely friend. I care a lot, and sometimes care too much for them. I don’t count all the efforts and thing that I gave to all of ‘em, I find it non-sense if you’ll do that to your "friends" as your saying. Oh well, aside from that I’m also fond of listening to someone’s story, I get a lot of lessons from doing such thing, in short I’m a good listener. I’m also good in advising people on what to do with their problems, agonies, dilemmas, or whatever you wanna call that. But the ironic thing is… I’m really having a hard time on applying those advise to myself when I’m in burden, all I can do is talk to myself in front of the mirror and say "mahirap pala talaga pag ikaw na yung nasa ganitong sitwasyon". 

I’m a happy penguin, jolly bee, and also a laughing idiot. But there is something more behind those loud laughs and smiles. There is a lot of problems, overthinkings, pasts and over hears from people behind me. Basically, I shouldn’t be affected by that, but I’m just a human, who get hurt by sharp words. I’m actually sensitive with those kind of things, but I don’t have the guts to defend myself, especially to those people who has a higher state in life than me.I just keep it here, inside, to the point that sometimes i feel like vomiting my own heart. but at the end of the day I still look on the brighter side. Cause what I’ve learned from my Parents is "Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results".And whenever i feel like fighting back to those brainless people who only know is to look on your negative sides, there is only one thing comes out on my mind "My Mom raise me well"so why should I? And you know what? Its real effective. Who cares if other thinks that way to you. Remember: Intellectual folks don’t think that way.  

As long as I’m happy and I’m with my Family and Friends, that most matters to me. I’m concern in even the littlest things around me, I appreciate every little efforts, I’m a little sensitive & I’m a person who cares a lot but doesn’t want to show it. Well this is me, bear with it.

Motivations from your Bosses are priceless. Thanks @gelatto_22 miss you 💕

It’s almost 2 pm and yet, still can’t catch some sleep. Ugh #countingsheeps

Let’s be healthy. 🌿🍋 #detox
#vscocam #vscophile #vscoselection

This is what happens when you’re sleepy, & trying to be cute HAHAHAHA Nite. 🐰

#BirthdaySelfie 😜
I may not be able to reply to all your greetings but it’s all priceless & highly appreciated! Love you guys.

uplateoverthinkingcantsleepshhdjsbdhhrudncjx 😒

It’s about that time of the morning where I eat a bunch of nuts until I hate myself. BRB 🌰

I really salute Joe Kort for being brave enough on publishing such realistic articles. -and Yes it’s true, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Lately, with my new Job, I have this wave mate which is real smart looking girl. I can’t stop looking and admiring her, whenever I think of her it gives me this huge smile. I think I like her, but how ‘bout the friendship we built?

She motivates me, more than my wave friends does. Well, guess I need to wait on what will happen next. At least I am able to sleep with glimpse on my lips.

Thank you for the inspiration. See you tomorrow at the office. “Tabi tayo” hihi 💕

Kambing mode. Since my body clock is really in trouble, I guess I need to start eating healthy again.

Boys are Back

Been a little busy lately with some stuff plus stress from work. Now am back with a vengeance haha kidding. Will write some stuff again. Miss you guys. I missed tumblr too.

Still sick. But feeling a little better now. Good morning!